When you hire a promotional street team for your outdoor marketing campaign, you should always think long term. There should be no reason why your brand should only reap the benefits a promotional street team during the event.

One way to run successful viral campaign is for promo models to wear branded t-shirts  and  encouraging them to take pictures with your target audience. By encouraging the promotional models to take pictures with your target audience, your company is essentially creating free advertising, because, it is highly likely that those images will be uploaded to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, increasing your brand awareness via the internet.

Another way to combine promotional street teams with viral marketing is through video. For example, hire promotional models to act as a flash mob by singing or dancing their way through a populated public area. Then upload the video onto YouTube, share it with your social networks, and watch as it gets shared, liked, and commented on.

The bottom line is that promotional street teams are an extremely effective way to gain brand recognition for your products or services. When combined with viral marketing your company can gain an exponential amount of online exposure without adding additional cost to your budget. So, the next time you start planning a street team marketing campaign, don’t forget include a few viral marketing ideas with it. Contact us today to hire a promotional street team for your next outdoor promotion!