First impressions are vital to every relationship, especially at trade shows. So, when you’re attending, or exhibiting at a trade show, it is important to focus on the type of impression you and your staff want to make. One of the main components that helps to define the first impression your brand makes is what you wear at trade shows.

1.  Look fresh  

Just wearing a suit at a trade show isn’t enough. Be sure that you’re well groomed with a nice haircut, wearing ironed/pressed clothing and have polished shoes. And, don’t forget the small details! Pay extra attention to your hands and fingernails since you’ll be shaking a lot of hands! And remember to keep the perfume and cologne to a minimum. Wearing too much cologne is not the way to attract attendees.

2. Clothes 

At a trade show, you’ll be interacting with people at all levels of business and with a variety of backgrounds and expectations, so it’s important that you and your trade show staff wear business professional attire.

Trade Show Clothes  for Women:

    • Blazers and slacks,
    • Pantsuits,
    • Dresses,
    • Skirt suits,
    • Heels.

Trade Show Clothes for Men:

    • Suits,
    • Sport coats and slacks,
    • Ties,
    • Leather shoes

3. Be comfortable

Finally, when deciding what to wear at trade shows, pay close attention to your feet. During trade shows, you’ll be on your feet, smiling and interacting with attendees for hours on end. If your shoes are too small or your heels are too high, your feet won’t make it. Purchase shoes that are comfortable and appropriate so that you can concentrate on networking with industry professionals instead of worrying about your aching feet.

And don’t forget about your promotional team! When hiring trade shows models,  make sure that they are dressed professionally and comfortably as well.

Now that you know what to wear at trade shows, don’t forget to bring a positive attitude!