1. Start Blogging –

These days almost every company exhibiting at a trade show has a website and on that website is a blog. If this is the case for your brand then it’s important for your team to unleash the trade show marketing power of your company’s blog by writing posts about the event before, during, and after the show. By writing content before, during, and after the show, it informs your current clients and followers about what shows your company is exhibiting at, while increasing your chances of being found in the search engines by attendees and/or industry leaders.

2. Get Social-

Social media is one of the easiest ways to communicate with your followers throughout the show, but, it is also a great way to get noticed by new customers. Start by following the social pages of the trade show venue or organization hosting the show, then join the conversation. Use the event hashtag to answer questions and connect with attendees, industry enthusiasts, and industry leaders. The more involved your team is in the social conversation, the more times you’ll show up in search results which leads to more attendees at your booth. 

3. Find Reviewers –

Before and during the trade show, seek out product or service reviewers in your industry that are willing to write reviews about your brand. Then, invite them to your booth and teach them how to use your products and about the benefits that they provide to consumers. Take the time to get to know the reviewers and make sure that you answer any and all of the questions they have. Reviews written about your products will help to expose your brand to a larger and more diverse audience. 

4. Host Product Demonstrations –

Hosting a product demonstration is a great way to attract attention to your booth and increase brand loyalty and trust. Bonus points if you let attendees try the demonstration! Need help running the product demonstration? Hire product demonstrtors to run the demonstration while you and your team members explain what is happening to the audience.

5. Be Creative-

When planning and organizing your marketing strategies for your upcoming trade show, be creative! Think outside the box and do something that excites and inspires attendees in your industry. Not only will they be drawn to your booth, but they are likely to tell their friends increasing your trade show exposure and ultimately your revenue.