How can you be sure your next event will be a success? How can you ensure your client will be blown away by the results – all while achieving the most effective ROI for the program? We’ve had the great pleasure of serving  agencies over the last  years, working with many dedicated account managers just like you. We know what works, and have learned what doesn’t. The events that consistently blow the lid off the ROI meter have one thing in common – highly energetic and engaging brand ambassadors. Your brand message and product presented by an effective brand ambassador is one of the most powerful sales and brand development strategies today!

So how do you recruit and attract the best people? We asked our staff, who work with multiple agencies, and have worked a lot of events, and here’s what they shared.

“What are the qualities you look for in an agency that makes you excited to work for them, influencing and earning your best performance?”

Top 5 Client Qualities:

1. RESPECT | Please treat your event staff as you would like to be treated. Staff understand your event is important and often stressful – and want your event to be a success.

2. RESPONSIBLE | Pay your staff on time. They really appreciate getting paid in 30 days, rather than waiting 45-60+ days.

3. GENEROUS | Rate matters. You get what you pay for – experienced event staff most often can secure the higher paying jobs.

4. TRUST | Staff appreciate quality programs, good management practices and effective communication.

5. LEADERSHIP | Event staff enjoy working with experienced and motivating client event managers.

Your staffing agency partner will help you manage your event staff and your expectations to ensure your program is a success. If you would like to learn more about how Promo Models  Event Staffing manages our staff, please contact [email protected] .