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Elizabeth Promo

What is your first name?

Your Guilty pleasure?
Watching Romantic movies, and crying to the happy endings on my own.

What has been your favorite job through promo models so far?
The Web summit was an amazing experience. I got to meet a lot of new start-up developers.

What is your favorite city that you have visited and why?
Definitely Paris. It was very very beautiful. Very different at each corner.

Why do you love promo work ?
I love it because you get to work at so many different locations. You get to talk to so many new people. And you actually learn a lot !

Who would you take with you for the trip around the world ?
I would love to take my mother. For once I will get to show her the world she has not seen yet and fears a little.

Your secret superpower ?
My ability to keep smiling more than 9 hours a day, and ignore all the bad negativity that could happen around me or to me during a promotion. After all giving your best along with great results pays off.

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