1. The pay is great!
While you’re in college, whether you’re living alone or with your parents, you are still probably short for money. Taking a full-time job wouldn’t fit with your college schedule. So the thought of getting a part-time job crosses your mind. Applying for a brand ambassador job is ideal in my opinion. It is more than the minimum pay (10-20 euro per
hour – sometimes more,) depending on the client/brand you are representing, and the type of event you are working.
Here at Promo Models we always tend to pay more for great outstanding jobs done. We raise the pay if we see great potential. There are very few part-time, flexible jobs out there that pay such a high hourly rate!

2. It’s Flexible!
Have a big exam coming up, or want to take a trip back home to see friends and family? Or maybe an event or product doesn’t interest you? No worries! As a Brand Ambassador, you can pick and choose when you work.
And you won’t be penalized!
Choose the events that work with YOUR schedule.

3. Relationship – Friendships.
While working as a brand ambassador, you are constantly expanding your circle of friends and relationships. You get to meet a lot of interesting people at events. There would be no more need of such dating apps as Tinder. At least 1 in 10 people that you meet along the way will stay connected with you in the future leading to some great
long-term friendships. It’s a fact!

4. Valuable Skills!
In order to be a successful Brand Ambassador you have to be able to manage your time well, and juggle your tasks. And you have to be an expert at planning ahead. But at the end of the day, these are all very valuable skills that you will take with you as you progress in your career.

5. It Looks Great On Your CV!
Employers and recruiters will be impressed to see that you worked as a Brand Ambassador in college as it likely means you have superior communication andninterpersonal skills, you have worked with global brands, and you know how to function as part of a team. So there is growth potential if you want it!

6. Different locations to visit!
Unless you are working a long program, you will likely be asked to represent a different product, to different types of people, at a different location, AND at a different time/day of the week every time you work. No two days will be alike.

7. Gain Respect!
At Promo Models we believe that you have to be special to be a brand ambassador. As a Brand Ambassador you’re the face of a brand/company and for us it’s important to look after you in order to keep that smile upon your face.That’s a pretty important (and awesome!) job. You could be someone who’s part of a Brony club or someone who has a passion for cats, we don’t care what you might be into once you do your job right and
in order.

8. Understanding Big Brands.
From personal experience, becoming a brand ambassador not only gives you an amazing insight into the different kinds of job roles there are in the world today, but it also gives you a deeper understanding of the brands you’re working for. While working and promoting a specific product you are start gaining more knowledge about the key
benefits of the products, services and brands you are representing.

9. You become more outgoing!
It’s true. The more people you meet, the more friends you start to gain – you start goingout more. The nightlife in Dublin is unbeatable!

10. Last but not least – It is a lot of FUN!
No more same dead-end jobs, scanning products, serving food, stacking up shelves – you’re interacting with people, representing well-known brands and working at amazing events! Especially big events – they give out cool freebies which you wouldn’t like to miss out on!

Are you an upbeat, outgoing and positive person?
Then you are the perfect candidate for our company!

Apply today to [email protected]