Issued: 11/01/2018 Dublin, Ireland

*Promomodels issues a statement today 11/01 /2018, Dublin, Ireland addressing the recent ‘sexism’ controversy.

*Promomodels, a promotions staffing agency in Ireland, has issued a statement today to address recent comments of sexism within the organisation.
* Promomodels is a company that prides itself on providing high quality and effective staffing solutions to brands and agencies alike.  Our overarching mission is to make the life of event planners and brand managers easier by providing flexible, highly trained staffing solutions..
“*Promomodels is not just a company, we are a community, a family of strong, individual and hardworking people; as a company we encourage and foster growth, confidence, training and development” said Kamila Angulska, Managing Director.

Regarding a blogpost written in 2015 entitled ‘How to be the best Promo gal in town, Angulska admits that “hindsight is twenty twenty vision”.  “The post was written in 2015, a time when the company was in its infancy. We were learning as a company and trying to meet market demands. In saying that, I accept that this was a poor judgement piece which has now been removed from the site.  We have grown and evolved as a company, the post written in 2015 no way reflects the business today and how far we’ve come, it’s not what we stand for.” said Angulska.

“Through our training and incentives programme, we offer courses that build confidence, promote skills and self-development alongside product and brand training. The wellbeing of our staff is paramount” explains the*Promomodels MD.  “At present, our ratio of staff is 80:20 / Female: Male, and as such we take female empowerment very seriously, actively   supporting women’s’ rights, our partnering charity of choice being the Ifrah Foundation, international advocates for the eradication of FGM/C.”

For further information, contact:
Kamila Angulska
Managing Director |*Promomodels
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Tel:  +353 1 410 0600