At Promo Models Agency we had the recent pleasure of hosting a short induction day in the early days of May. The aim of the induction was to introduce newly appointed brand ambassadors to their role and offer semi-formal training.

It was a fun day – keep reading to know why!

The day began with a brief introduction from Kam, the managing director with short chats over cups of tea/coffee and delicious pastries! There was a halo stand set up for the day, thanks to Huggity, where cool fun short gifs were made & shared within seconds.

The morning session continued with each new member introducing themselves and their skills to one another. Everyone turned out to be so unique!

Kam prepared a few slides to explain the overall company’s mission.

Discussions about how to become a successful team leader and how the new rewarding program works followed.

Both were exciting topics!


Kam included examples of the dress code and kinds of behaviours for each different type of client/job. Every person in the room had their own opinions on each matter and got involved.


PromoModels rewards hard work, commitment and loyalty.

Are you interested in joining our next induction?

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