When it comes to getting your message to your audience, businesses have many different ways to communicate. From mass broadcasts on social media, radio or even TV, to billboards, web advertising and posters on buses or trains, there have never before been as many choices for marketers than there are today.

It could come as a surprise that the humble flyer remains popular even in today’s incredibly crowded landscape. If done correctly and handled with careful distribution flyers can be a phenomenal way to get your message into the hands of your target market.

Industry studies have shown that 48% of consumers are likely to respond to advertising on a flyer, and almost 80% of people who receive a leaflet keep it, or pass it on to somebody else. Distribution of flyers has consistently been shown to be a highly effective method of either growing a business, or getting a business established.

Why is leaflet distribution so effective?
Generally speaking, the production of leaflets for distribution is incredibly cost-effective, providing you with a great resource to get your message out to the marketplace.

The best way to get people to act on the distribution flyers you create is to include some kind of offer or hook for customers. Providing a discount for people who bring in your flyer to your premises can get new customers to visit and try out your business.

When looking at distribution, you can also target a key demographic for your flyers. A hair salon handing out flyers would look to pass them to people who they would expect to visit their salon, and the same could be said for any other business. The incredibly targeted approach here makes the creation and distribution of flyers more bespoke and personalised than almost any other kind of marketing.

Giving a consumer something tangible in their hand helps them to remember your business, in a way that a poster cannot always achieve. Whilst a poster is experienced passively, a flyer that is placed in a pocket or bag is something that can be referred to later.

Pitfalls to avoid
As the production of flyers allows businesses to specifically target the sort of people that they feel would visit their business, it is important not to attempt to give flyers to absolutely everyone. Passing flyers to absolutely everyone who walks past your PR team is a mistake, as people who are unlikely to ever use your business are likely to discard the leaflets quickly without really reading them.

It is also important to ensure that your leaflets are well designed, so that people are drawn to them. Drab and boring leaflets which are little more than big business cards offer little to consumers, whereas bright and inviting leaflets, which, crucially, offer an incentive to new consumers, have a far greater chance of success.