What better way to persuade your prospective customers how good your products are than by giving away free samples so that they can find out for themselves?

First, you need to put together a product sample distribution strategy to work out who your target audience is, what products you will distribute, and why. Be sure not to make this a costly exercise with low returns. Perhaps start with a list of customers who already use your products and send samples of your latest release, moving on to customers who have expressed an interest in your products but have not yet reached the buying stage.

If you are arranging a product sample distribution exercise, consider what you want in return. Giving away samples encourages a feeling of reciprocation – if someone gets something for nothing, they feel they should offer something in return. This could be a purchase of your product or you may be building a communication database, in which case you will ask for an email or postal address to get the product to your intended prospects.

Giving away free samples can also be a great way to get people to your stand if you are at a show or exhibition. With good footfall passing your stand, this is a great way to get people to leave their contact details with you so that you can do business at a later stage.

Decide On Your Strategy

When considering what samples to give away, be creative and make sure that it is a product that people will use often so that they are regularly exposed to your business’s brand. Try to make sure that it is something novel – you want to be giving away something that is a real talking point so that people pass on your sample and spread your business by word of mouth.

Having decided on your strategy, chosen what you will give and to whom and how you are planning to get the product into their hands and why, you need to work out how you plan to measure the success rate of your campaign. How will you follow up your sample giveaway and contact your database for feedback? You may have a product that needs to be used for a while to get results. Plan when you will get in touch to find out how your product has worked for you customers.

Giving away samples can be a hugely effective marketing tool so long as it is carefully planned, executed and measured. Be sure that you work out the costs, logistics and benefits so that you get a good return on your investment. Be careful to include incidental costs, such as postage and packaging, and look carefully at your timescales; for example, if you are planning a trade show, make sure that the samples can be supplied on time.