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Promo Models Agency was thrilled to collaborate with Huggity on a data capture project for AIG. Our dedicated staff was tasked with engaging with Dublin fans at Croke Park using the Snappie app to capture their details and photographs.

With a clear objective in mind, our staff enthusiastically interacted with fans, encouraging them to participate in the data capture process. Using the Snappie app, they seamlessly captured photographs of the fans, creating lasting memories of their experience at the game.

In addition to capturing photos, our team diligently collected the fans’ details, including their names, email addresses, and phone numbers. Their friendly and approachable demeanor ensured a positive interaction with each fan, resulting in a high level of engagement and participation.

The results of our data capture efforts were impressive, with 500 photos taken and 580 email addresses collected. This valuable data will enable AIG to further engage with their audience and enhance their marketing efforts.

Promo Models Agency is proud to have played a role in the success of this data capture campaign for AIG. We look forward to future opportunities to collaborate with Huggity and continue to deliver exceptional results for our clients.

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