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Promo Models Agency was thrilled to partner with Aldi Ireland for their Easter sampling campaign. Our dedicated team of girls was hired to distribute delicious Easter eggs to delighted customers during the four-hour activation.

With Aldi’s signature Easter treats in hand, our girls engaged with shoppers, offering them a taste of the seasonal delights. Their friendly and approachable demeanor ensured that everyone had a positive experience and left with a smile on their face.

As ambassadors for Aldi’s Easter offerings, our girls played a vital role in enhancing brand awareness and driving customer engagement. Their efforts contributed to the success of the sampling campaign, leaving a lasting impression on shoppers and encouraging them to indulge in Aldi’s festive treats.

Promo Models Agency is proud to have been part of this exciting campaign with Aldi Ireland and looks forward to future collaborations to bring joy and excitement to shoppers nationwide.

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