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Promo Models Agency was delighted to collaborate with Elevate PR and Clayton Hotel for their #claytonjustright campaign at Heuston Station. Anton, one of our dynamic team members, was selected to help generate excitement and engagement during the activation.

With a duration of four hours, Anton immersed himself in the campaign, interacting with commuters and passersby to spread the word about Clayton Hotel’s offerings. His enthusiasm and friendly demeanor resonated with the audience, capturing their attention and sparking interest in the campaign.

As a key ambassador for the #claytonjustright campaign, Anton played a crucial role in creating buzz and generating awareness for Clayton Hotel at Heuston Station. His presence helped to elevate the brand’s visibility and connect with potential customers in a bustling public space.

Promo Models Agency is proud to have been a part of this dynamic campaign with Elevate PR and Clayton Hotel, and we look forward to future opportunities to collaborate and create memorable experiences together.

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