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Promo Models Agency was thrilled to partner with Atlassian Exhibition to promote HipChat, a leading group chat, video chat, and screen sharing platform for teams, at the prestigious Web Summit. Our dedicated promo team took center stage, dressed as quirky and amusing caricatures, to capture the attention of attendees and create a buzz around the HipChat stand.

With their eye-catching costumes and infectious energy, our team successfully attracted a steady stream of visitors to the stand, drawing them in with their playful antics and friendly demeanor. Attendees were delighted to interact with our costume characters, snapping photos and sharing laughs as they learned more about the innovative features and benefits of HipChat.

In addition to generating excitement and foot traffic at the stand, our team played a crucial role in engaging with the general audience, answering questions, and sparking conversations about HipChat. Their enthusiastic approach and in-depth product knowledge helped to educate attendees and drive interest in the platform.

The results of our team’s efforts were evident throughout the event, with the HipChat stand buzzing with activity and attendees eager to learn more about the platform. By combining entertainment with education, our costume characters helped to create a memorable and engaging experience for all who visited the Atlassian Exhibition at Web Summit.

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