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In and Out Burgers

Promo Models Agency had the privilege of teaming up with the renowned In & Our Burgers for their exclusive pop-up restaurant event in Dublin. It was an honor to collaborate with such an exceptional company, and our team was excited to take on the challenge of managing every aspect of the pop-up restaurant.

From the moment the doors opened, our dedicated staff members sprang into action, seamlessly handling a variety of tasks to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for all guests. With their exceptional organizational skills and unwavering dedication, our team efficiently managed orders, controlled queues, sold t-shirts, and even assisted in the kitchen to keep things running smoothly.

Throughout the 7-hour activation period, our team of 12 staff members worked tirelessly to deliver top-notch service and create a memorable dining experience for all attendees. Their professionalism, enthusiasm, and attention to detail were instrumental in the success of the event, leaving a lasting impression on both In & Our Burgers and all who attended.

It was a privilege for Promo Models Agency to collaborate with In & Our Burgers on their pop-up restaurant event, and we look forward to future opportunities to partner with this amazing company again.

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