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Promo Models Agency was delighted to partner with Neon Agency for a special data capture project aimed at promoting Maxol’s Rewards & Savings Card scheme. Our talented team of girls was selected to represent the brand and engage with customers, encouraging them to sign up for the exciting program.

With their friendly and approachable demeanor, our girls effectively communicated the benefits of the Maxol Rewards & Savings Card scheme to potential customers. They greeted attendees warmly, initiated conversations, and provided information about the program, highlighting its value and incentives.

Throughout the activation, our team worked diligently to capture customer data, ensuring accurate and complete sign-ups for the Rewards & Savings Card scheme. They used their interpersonal skills to build rapport with customers, address any questions or concerns, and guide them through the registration process.

The results of our data capture campaign were impressive, with a significant number of customers signing up for the Maxol Rewards & Savings Card scheme. Our girls played a crucial role in driving participation and generating interest in the program, contributing to its success.

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