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Promo Models Agency provided our talented girls for an exciting opportunity last weekend with Frank Warren and Queensberry Promotions. They were selected to serve as ring girls, holding ring cards between rounds during the event.

With their poise, grace, and professionalism, our girls added an extra touch of glamour to the proceedings, enhancing the overall atmosphere of the event. They captivated the audience’s attention as they confidently displayed the round number and kept the energy high throughout the matches.

As ring girls, our team played an important role in the event, contributing to its success and making a memorable impression on attendees. Their presence added to the excitement and spectacle of the boxing matches, creating an unforgettable experience for all involved.

Promo Models Agency is proud to have provided ring girls for such a prestigious event and looks forward to future opportunities to collaborate with Frank Warren, Queensberry Promotions, and other partners in the sports and entertainment industry.

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