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Promo Models Agency had the privilege of partnering with Ryanair to commemorate their 30th birthday milestone in grand style. As part of the celebration, our team of exceptional girls was selected to join the festivities and elevate the passenger experience to new heights.

With their radiant smiles and enthusiastic personalities, our girls added a touch of excitement and joy to the occasion. Decked out in branded sunglasses bearing the iconic Ryanair logo, they eagerly greeted passengers as they arrived at the airport, spreading the birthday cheer far and wide.

But our girls did much more than just welcome guests – they actively engaged with passengers, encouraging them to join in the celebration. Armed with Ryanair’s giant Instagram frames, they invited travelers to capture fun and memorable moments, urging them to share their experiences online and tag Ryanair in their posts. Promo Models Agency was honored to play a part in Ryanair’s 30th birthday celebration, and we look forward to many more years of partnership and shared success. Cheers to Ryanair and here’s to many more years of happy travels!

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