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Summer in Dublin

Promo Models Agency was excited to be part of the vibrant Summer in Dublin campaign organized by Dublin Town and managed by Cuckoo Events. Our talented promo staff brought color and joy to the streets of Dublin City Center, engaging with families and passersby in a fun and entertaining way.

Dressed in colorful attire, our promo staff captured the attention of onlookers and put smiles on kids’ faces as they interacted with the crowd. From distributing balloons to leading impromptu games and activities, our team created a lively and engaging atmosphere that added to the festive spirit of the event.

The campaign spanned over four hours on both Saturday and Sunday, allowing our promo staff ample time to connect with the community and spread positive vibes throughout the city center. Their energy and enthusiasm resonated with attendees, leaving a lasting impression and contributing to the success of the Summer in Dublin initiative.

Promo Models Agency is proud to have been part of such a vibrant and uplifting campaign, and we look forward to future opportunities to collaborate with Dublin Town, Cuckoo Events, and other partners to create memorable experiences for communities across Ireland.

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