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Promo Models Agency was honored to have Paulita and Elizabeth represent our client at The Irish Hardware Show, held at Citywest. These dynamic individuals were tasked with attracting visitors to the stand, distributing flyers, and providing general assistance throughout the event, ensuring a seamless experience for attendees.

Throughout the seven-hour activation, Paulita and Elizabeth showcased their professionalism and engaging personalities, captivating the attention of passersby and sparking interest in our client’s offerings. Their enthusiasm and dedication played a pivotal role in driving foot traffic to the stand and promoting brand awareness.

As valuable members of the team, Paulita and Elizabeth demonstrated their commitment to excellence, leaving a lasting impression on both visitors and exhibitors at The Irish Hardware Show. Their contributions contributed significantly to the success of the event, reflecting positively on our client’s brand.

Promo Models Agency is privileged to have partnered with our client for The Irish Hardware Show and is committed to providing top-notch talent for future events.

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